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Start here if it's your first time booking
Connect, share, ask questions and feel into the kind of work we can do together.

What Clients  Say:

"Working with Jervais is a heart opening experience that has helped me learn to be kinder to myself. I'm not as anxious or afraid anymore and I'm learning how to truly take care of my mind, body and spirit in real way. She's insightful, profound, funny and warm."

Free 20-minute discovery call

20 Mins


Online Session

This discovery call is offered as a way for you to feel into if my work might be a good fit for you. This is not a “sales call”. Rather, it is an opportunity for us to connect where you can ask any questions you might have and we can see if we might be a fit to work together. I'll also ask you a few questions so that I can understand where you are in your journey and what might be helpful and supportive.

What can I expect and is it normal to be nervous?

It's absolutely normal and very human to feel weird about sharing your life (or anything really) with a total stranger. 


My approach is always to meet you where you are. I believe to be seen, heard, and fully accepted in any moment, just as we are, is one of the most healing experiences one can have.

We are all experts on our own lives and possess rich natural inner wisdom – not merely to help us survive, but to thrive and flourish. It’s my intention to create a safe, nourishing and intuitive container for healing to occur. Our time together will likely feel warm, friendly, casual and human.

What happens after our discovery call?

After our discovery call if you want a session, you can use the booking form to find a time and day that suits you. I'll email you an intake form to fill out and get back to me and then we'll meet for the first session!

The primary focus of our initial session is to help me learn about you and for us to connect; simply put, to get to know one another. During the session I'll listen and ask some questions so that I can learn about your life history, your journey and understand where you're coming from.

You can share about where you are, where you'd like to be and anything you feel might be getting in the way of that. Together we can discuss areas of life you'd like to focus on, any goals you have in mind and any specific support you feel you might need. You can truly share anything and everything that feels relevant or important to you. Just know, it's a fluid, collaborative and safe space that will be tailored to your unique and individual needs.


Your privacy is important to me and your information will never be shared or sold. 

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Want a simple intro to healing your nervous system? Download my free workbook:
Getting Started Healing the Overstimulated Nervous System


If you feel like you’ve tried everything (or many things) and you still feel stuck, the problem is not you! It’s likely that you were never taught how to work with the essential and fundamental foundation for any healing to take place: the ability to work with your own nervous system responses. 

It’s not needlessly complex, and it’s not something only “some” people can do based on inborn talents or capacities: it is an easily learnable skill. It just took a long time for therapy to catch up to this piece, and many therapeutic practices are not yet teaching it. The purpose of this free workbook is to help you discover the signs of an overstimulated nervous system, get an intro to nervous system healing and learn somatic practices that you can immediately play with to shift your own state.

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